bryan  blayz


bryan blayz is an American singer, songwriter, lyricist and producer, based in Geneva, Switzerland. He writes in a variety of styles, including, POP, EDM, ALTERNATIVE, ROCK, BLUES, NEW SOUL, R&B, COUNTRY, SINGER SONGWRITER and FOLK among others. 

He discovered music at the ripe age of 5 when he was hypnotised by the pop and rock music coming out of his dad’s car stereo. He has been sublimely cursed to create music ever since. On his 12th Christmas he was given a blues harmonica and by the age of 14 was invited to play in local “pro” mid-western bands, while continuing to write songs.

At 18 he co-founded the acoustic vocal harmony trio Slow Motion Ocean in the San Francisco Area and was picked up by Craig Miller and The David Grisman Quintet as a complimentary act. While continuing to write catchy pop songs, he got his degree in English Literature at UC Berkeley to broaden his lyric-writing skills.

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+41 79 639 8427

Geneva, Switzerland